Best Computer Engineering Degree Online

Would you like to earn a computer engineering degree online? A list of the 20 best computer engineering degrees you can earn online is provided in this article. Technology has advanced at an unusual rate in recent years. Technology is improving and growing in many industries and firms. Computer engineers are in high demand as a result of this. 

A Computer Engineering Degree can set you on a very profitable expedition of money and achievement if you have a proclivity for computers.

Computer Engineering provides you with the knowledge to design and build hardware and software for digital devices to supercomputers.

In contrast, students who are also working professionals can study and work simultaneously in an online computer engineering program. 

Students majoring in computer engineering online gain a broad understanding of math and science, algorithms, physics, and chemistry. 

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What is Computer Engineering, Role, and Degree?

Definition of Computer Engineering

To ensure that computer hardware and software are developed, computer engineering operates in both electrical engineering and information technology. 

Additionally, Computer Engineering is an interdisciplinary field that integrates components from both fields to ensure a successful system integration.

Roles of Computer Engineering

Computer engineers have extensive training in software and hardware computing, hardware-software integration, electronic engineering, and software design. 

Also, you develop, model, and test microchips, circuits, processors, conductors, and other computer components. 

Engineers are responsible for detecting technical problems and finding inventive solutions.

Computer Engineering Degree Online

As a Computer Engineering graduate, you can earn a variety of degrees. Schools that offer computer engineering courses offer these degrees online and on campus. 

You can, however, earn the following degrees:

  • A two-year Associate Degree; gives you the option of transferring to a four-year university to complete your bachelor’s degree in computer engineering offline or online.
  • There are various formats for bachelor’s degrees. B.Eng. is one of them. and B.Sc.  Computer engineers can also earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (BSCSE), a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering (BE), and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology (BSCET).
  • On-campus and online master’s degree programs are available. Students may choose between a Master of Science in Computer Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering.

To create hardware or the physical components and firmware that are widely used, Computer Engineers use guides from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

How long does an Online Computer Engineering Degree take before Completion and its Cost?

An online computer engineering degree usually takes one and a half to four years to complete. Occasionally, it can take up to eight years. 

A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering online typically costs between $260 and $385. Students should expect to pay between $30, 000 and $47,000 as over-fee tuition.

 List Of 20 Best Computer Engineering Degrees Online

Here are the top 20 online computer engineering degrees:


The following are the 20 best online computer engineering degrees:

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science 

Franklin University is the best online university for computer science and engineering degrees.

In its online degree program, the school focuses on software development and systems analysis.

There are several courses in this online degree program that are concentrated on computer architecture, programming, and testing, object-oriented design, database management, web application development, and quality assurance, as well as two minors in web development and information systems.

 Top societies recognize and appreciate Franklin University’s excellent online program. Columbus, Ohio, is its physical location.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering Information Technology 

  • Lewis University 
  • Tuition fee- $29,040

Anyone seeking a computer engineering degree online can use this platform. There is 24/7 access to all teachings, course materials, and projects online.

Online courses at Lewis University focus on Networking, Project Management, Data Privacy, Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity, and Enterprise Computing.

In this online course, you will learn how to analyze, design, and implement information systems technology.

Furthermore, Lewis University offers these programs because of its widespread recognition and accreditation. Romeoville, Illinois, is the company’s physical location.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering Technology 

  • Tuition fee- $295 per credit unit

This 100% online computer engineering degree program at Grantham University focuses on a variety of computer engineering and technology areas including programming, computer networks, AC and DC circuit analysis, and technical project management.

The study of computer engineering technology requires students to have a solid understanding of electronics, computer science, and computer engineering software and hardware. 

In addition, Grantham University offers online computer engineering degrees that are ranked among the best in the world. 

Located in Lenexa, Kansas, the school is also accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

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Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering

  • Southern New Hampshire University

An online computer engineering program is offered by Southern New Hampshire University, a top, prestigious, and private university.

A software engineering online course at the school teaches the fundamentals of software engineering in the design and development of computer software, highlighting user interfaces and user experiences (UI/UX) concepts and techniques that employers are looking for in software engineers.

Additionally, the school is regarded as one of the most innovative institutions in the country. A nonprofit institution, Southern New Hampshire University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education .

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Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and computer engineering master’s degrees are offered at the University of Delaware.

Cybersecurity, computer systems, network science, machine learning, bioengineering, electromagnetics and photonics, as well as nanoelectronic materials and devices are covered in the program.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering Technology 

  • Old Dominion University 
  • Tuition fee: All tuition charges are based on per credit hour

Electrical engineering technology and computer science are offered online by Old Dominion University. 

Local and international students pay different tuition fees based on credit hours.

Residents of Virginia pay $374 per credit hour, while students from out-of-state pay $407 per credit hour.

Advanced circuit analysis, linear electronics, software engineering, and programming are covered in the course. The course also provides a broad understanding of the workings of computer hardware and software.

Furthermore, ODU offers the best online bachelor’s degrees in computer engineering. 

In addition, Old Dominion University has been named one of the nation’s top distance learning schools by U.S. News & World Report for 2021.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering 

  • Florida International University 
  • Tuition fee: All tuition charges are based on per credit hour

Florida International University offers an online bachelor’s degree in computer engineering that consists of 128 credit hours. Miami, Florida, is the school’s location.

There are four types of computer engineering courses available to students: bio-engineering, integrated nanotechnology, computer architecture, and microprocessor design.

Students also learn how to maintain and provide technical support for complex computer configurations as part of the course.

In-state students pay $228.81, while out-of-state students pay $345.87.

As a final point, FIU offers one of the most affordable online programs in the United States. Several renowned associations also accredit the school.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering 

  • National University 
  • Tuition fee- $12,744

Online computer engineering degrees are available at National University, a top leading university. La Jolla, California, is the school’s location.

This course covers various aspects of inventing, designing, and manufacturing computer and technological devices. In addition, you will learn how to develop a hard software system. 

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Bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering

 An online Bachelor’s degree program in Software Engineering is offered by Upper Iowa University.

 The same experts and professors who teach on the campus tutor the online courses, just like some other schools offering online degrees.

Among the courses offered are game development and programming, human-computer interaction, computer architecture, project management, visualization, and graphics. 

In addition, the school is highly ranked both regionally and globally and offers more direct courses for students who want to meet the demands of their careers. Fayette, Iowa, is its physical location.

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Bachelor’s in Information Technology Management

National University offers a bachelor’s degree in information technology in computer engineering online. With the support of customer service, individuals can gain access to textbooks in the online bookstores at any time of the year.

In addition to wide area networks, wireless LAN security, IT project management, IT management, programming in information technology, database concepts, and data modeling, students can choose from a variety of courses.

Students can be projected for admission to graduate-level IT programs based on the program’s structure. 

Both locally and internationally, National University is highly regarded.

Exercises allow students to apply mathematical principles, put them into practice, and assess computer-based processes and systems.

La Jolla, California, is the school’s physical location.

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Bachelor’s in Computer Software Engineering

For an online degree in computer engineering, Brigham Young University is one of the most prestigious and affordable universities.

For students who work and can’t attend physical classes, the school offers an online degree in Software engineering. Online courses are taught by the same experts and professors who tutor on the Idaho campus.

Data structures, fundamentals of digital systems, software design and development, web engineering, and system engineering are among the courses offered in the online computer degree program.

As one of the best options for an online computer engineering degree in the country, Brigham Young University allows students to study for up to 8 years. Rexburg, Idaho, is its physical location.

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Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering Software Development and Security

  • University of Maryland Global Campus

The University of Maryland’s online Bachelor’s degree program in software development and security prepares students to work in various aspects of the tech industry.  Programming, system analytics, and software development fall under this category.

 There will be a focus on database security, relational database concepts and applications, secure cloud programming, building secure web applications, and building secure cloud programming. 

With a reputation for preparing students for practical skills and real-world applications, the school is highly ranked. 

Additionally, the school holds five online learning consortium awards for excellence in online teaching. Adelphi, Maryland, is its physical location.

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Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems

  • Dakota State University 

 A bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems can be obtained online at an affordable price through this program. Data, hardware, people, software, and procedures are the five main areas of integrated technology.

Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems means learning how to program and mastering the latest tools and applications while developing and acquiring skills.

 Students can enroll in the program both online and on campus and all of the educators possess Ph.D. degrees. Curriculum topics and courses include software engineering, software security, business application programming, database management systems, information systems planning and management, and structured system analysis.

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Bachelor’s in Computer Information System 

  • Florida Institute of Technology

Students at Florida Tech can earn an online degree in computer engineering and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the IT field.

Florida Tech’s online courses and classes are taught by the same professors and experts who are on the Melbourne campus.

Online degree programs are available at Florida Tech, a top-ranked school. Melbourne, Florida, is the company’s physical location.

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Bachelor’s In Computer Science-Software Development

One of the best regional universities in the US for online computer engineering degrees is Salem University. Salem, West Virginia is the school’s physical location.

Students interested in either computer science or software development, or those who want to do both, should choose this program.

Monthly courses are offered through this online education. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Development can help you master computer programming.

Through advanced courses in programming languages, algorithms, operating systems, and software techniques, CS graduates gain proficiency in designing, developing, and maintaining software systems.

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Bachelor’s In Information Systems

With a focus on software engineering management, Strayer University offers a Bachelor’s Degree in information technology.

 Students learn Object-Oriented Computer Programming and Human-Computer Inheritance in this program.  

Software architecture techniques, project requirements, and design, agile project management, and software engineering are some of the major courses.

Among the top regional universities in the US standard online programs, Starter University is widely recognized in the North. Arlington, Virginia, is its physical location.

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Bachelor’s In Computer Science-Computer Engineering

Denver, Colorado is the physical location of Regis University. Online programs are offered by this top-ranked university.

It is proud to offer the only ABET-accredited accelerated program in the country.

The university offers high-quality foundational and upper divisional courses, including Web and Database Application, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages, and Computer Architecture.

Courses can be taken online in either a 5-week format or an 8-week format.

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Bachelor’s in Computer Software Development

In the US and around the world, Bellevue University is a top university. Bellevue, Nebraska, is its physical location.

Through this program, students will gain computer programming knowledge and hands-on skills in Java, Web applications, Ruby on Rails, and SQL, and graduate with a CompTIA project certification.

 IT project management certification program designed to validate project management skills.

An online degree program focuses on information technology, project management, information security, and database design. The degree requires a minimum of 127 credits.

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Bachelor’s in Information Technology

  • Texila American University
  • Tuition fee- $13,427

Online and on campus, the University of Massachusetts offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology to all students.

For the online program to be completed and a degree to be awarded, at least 120 credits are required.

Information technologies, basic programming skills, website design, a survey of programming languages, multimedia, and website database implementation are all included in this program.

Texila American University is located in Zambia and is accredited by the Higher Education Authority (HEA). The Health Profession Council of Zambia (HPCZ) has also approved it.

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Bachelor’s in Software development

  • Western Governor’s University
  • Tuition fee- $8,295

Software development is one of the programs offered by Western Governor’s University, a non-profit organization.

Courses include scripting and programming, data manipulation, operating systems for programmers, and applications in software design.

Salt Lake City, Utah, is the home of WGU. In the 21st century, it is among the top universities with a renowned reputation for reinventing higher education.

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