best universities for computer science in Europe 2023

This article will review the 20 best universities in Europe for computer science. Are you interested in technology? Do you find computers fascinating? Are you interested in pursuing a career in Europe? Would you like to get a degree in Europe?

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the best computer science universities in Europe based on the most popular rankings available online today.

In spite of the fact that computer science is a relatively recent field, the core analytical abilities and knowledge used in practice can be found in mathematics and physics, involving algorithms and data structures.

Therefore, these core courses are frequently required as part of a Bachelor of Computer Science degree.

Why study Computer Science in Europe?

Among the fastest-growing fields in Europe, computer science is one of the top-paying professions.

A Computer Science degree from any of the European universities allows students to specialize or focus on a certain area of computer science, such as software engineering, information technology, financial computing, artificial intelligence, networking, interactive media, etc.

Find out which universities are the cheapest in Europe for international students in our guide. In Europe, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science usually lasts three to four years.

What are the Best Universities for Computer Science in Europe? 

The following is a list of the 20 best universities in Europe for Computer Science:

The 20 Best European Universities for Computer Science

#1. Technische Universitat Munchen

With almost 30 professors, Technische Universität München’s Informatics Department is one of the largest and most prestigious in Germany.

Students can tailor their studies to their interests with the program’s wide array of courses. Algorithms, computer graphics and vision, databases and information systems, digital biology and digital medicine, software engineering, and so on, are some of the specializations that students can choose from.

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#2. University of Oxford

Oxford University offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs in computer science. There are small classrooms, tutorials, practical laboratory sessions, lecture courses, and many other features of the Oxford computer science program.

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#3. Imperial College London

It is Imperial College London’s Department of Computing’s pride to provide a research-driven learning environment that values and supports its students.

Their teaching is based on top-notch research.

Their taught courses provide students with a strong foundation in the theoretical background of computer science in addition to teaching them how to create, program, and validate actual systems. Undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs are available.

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#4. University College London

UCL’s Computer Science program focuses on problem-based learning to provide students with top-notch, industry-relevant instruction.

The curriculum equips you with the fundamental knowledge businesses seek in high-caliber computer science graduates and prepares you for a wide variety of careers. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs are available.

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#5. University of Cambridge

As a pioneer in computer science, Cambridge continues to lead the way.

Chip design, mathematical modeling, and artificial intelligence are fields where many local businesses and start-ups fund their education and hire their graduates.

A comprehensive and in-depth computer science program at this university equips students with the knowledge and skills to develop cutting-edge technologies.

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#6. The University of Edinburgh

Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh offers a strong theoretical foundation and a variety of practical skills.

The university awards undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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#7. Delft University of Technology

Computer science and engineering courses at this university will teach you how to create software and handle data for today’s and tomorrow’s intelligent systems.

These kinds of software are developed by computer scientists and engineers to process relevant data intelligently and effectively.

Undergraduate and graduate programs are available at the university.

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#8. Aalto University

Aalto University’s Department of Computer Science, located on the Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland, is one of the best computer science research institutions in northern Europe.

They offer top-tier computer science education to advance future research, engineering, and society.

Graduate and undergraduate degrees are conferred by the institution.

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#9. Sorbonne Universite

Their computer science research activities include not only bridging the fundamentals and the applied, but also interdisciplinary work between computing (algorithmic, architecture, optimization, etc.) and calculation as a principle for approaching different subjects (cognition, medicine, robotics, etc.).

Graduate and undergraduate degrees are conferred by the institution.

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#10. Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

The Department of Computer Science at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya is responsible for teaching and conducting research in a wide range of fields related to the foundations of computing and their applications, including algorithms, programming, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, theory of computation, machine learning , natural language processing, etc.

Computer science and related subjects are taught at this university at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels.

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#11. Royal Institute of Technology

There are five schools at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, one of which is the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Research and teaching at the school are focused on electrical engineering, computer science, and information and communication technology.

In addition to working in collaboration with society, they conduct basic and applied research that addresses real-world problems and difficulties.

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#12. Politecnico di Milano

This university aims to train students who can develop Information Technology tools for a wide range of applications through its computer science program.

Students are able to handle more complex multidisciplinary problems through the program, which requires an enhanced ability to model reality as well as the ability to integrate a broader spectrum of advanced technologies and skills.

This program is taught in English and offers a wide range of specializations in computer science.

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#13. Aalborg University

Aalborg University’s Department of Computer Science strives to be a leader in computer science internationally.

Among their research areas are computers, programming, software, and computer systems.

At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the department offers a wide range of computer science education programs.

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#14. University of Amsterdam

Computer science is offered as a joint degree program by the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

You will benefit from the expertise, networks, and research initiatives of both universities and related research organizations as an Amsterdam computer science student.

Based on their interests, students can choose from a variety of specializations.

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#15. Eindhoven University of Technology

Computer Science and Engineering students at Eindhoven University of Technology learn the fundamental ideas and methodologies for developing software systems and web services, as well as how to consider users’ perspectives.

It confers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

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#16. Technische Universitat Darmstadt

Established in 1972, the Department of Computer Science brings together pioneering scholars and outstanding students.

Their research and teaching cover a wide range of topics.

An important component of the multidisciplinary profile of TU Darmstadt, one of Germany’s premier technological universities, is computer science and engineering.

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#17. Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen

The computer science degree program at RWTH Aachen is excellent.

As a result of its involvement in over 30 research fields, the Department offers a wide range of specialties, including software engineering, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing.

Despite its outstanding reputation, the university continues to attract students from all over the world. Currently, the university confers both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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#18. Technische Universitat Berlin

Students in this program at TU Berlin are prepared for careers in computer science.

Methods, approaches, and current computer science technology are studied by students to hone their computing skills.

They confer undergraduate and graduate degrees at the moment.

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#19. Universite Paris-Saclay

This university’s Computer Science program aims to teach students the theoretical foundations as well as the various concepts and tools of computer science in order to prepare them for the future.

Scholars from this institution will be able to integrate quickly into the industrial and scientific worlds. The university confers only Master of Science degrees in computer science.

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#20. Universita degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza

Often called the University of Rome or just Sapienza, the Sapienza University of Rome is a public research university in Rome, Italy.

It is one of the largest universities in Europe in terms of enrollment.

As part of the university’s computer science program, students will gain rock-solid competency and skills in applied computing, as well as a deep understanding of artificial intelligence’s foundations and applications.

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are the only degrees conferred by the university.

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There are many reasons why Europe is a great place to pursue a computer science degree, including affordability.

Any of the schools above is a good choice if you are interested in getting a computer science degree in Europe.


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