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thank you letter for scholarship 2022 (Updated)– Unique Template/Sample

Scholarship Thank You Letter handwritten 2022

A wonderful feeling is winning a scholarship. So, why not send a thank you note to donors who contributed to your scholarship. There are thousands of donors who offer various types of scholarships to deserving and extraordinary students. These unique international scholarships are applied for by millions of students every year. In addition, winning a scholarship removes the stress of student loans.


So why not thank the donors by writing a nice and polite Thank You Letter for the scholarship. It is a very good gesture of gratitude and humility to your donors. In a letter, what should one say? What is the best word to use? We are here to help you with this. 

Write the best letter with our unique tips. A few examples of good practice and examples of failure will also be discussed. Donors usually do not ask for anything in return. An acknowledgement letter will let them know that the scholarship is greatly appreciated. 

Importance of Scholarship Thank You Letter

People who donate scholarships are very generous. Selflessly, they provide financial assistance without asking for anything in return. Thank you letters are an acknowledgement of their help and concern. In this way, they are reminding themselves that they are contributing to the elevation of education by making financial contributions. This makes them keep help for future students as well. It also enables you to connect with donors to raise funds in the educational sector in the future.

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Writing a Nice Letter – Step By Step Guide

It’s not hard to write a nice letter. All you have to do is express your gratitude and tell them how this aid will help them move forward. Below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. A thank you letter should always be written in a formal business format.
  2. The Sponsor Organization or Donor should always be addressed. Do not write the name of the selection committee. Address and greet the donor at the start of your letter.
  3. Your Gratitude: You should let the donor know how thankful you are for having this scholarship. Don’t ask for additional help or assistance and speak with sincerity. Don’t mention the scholarship amount. Don’t forget to mention the name of the scholarship.
  4. Be sure to mention the positive impact of the scholarship on your life and education. Describe how this financial assistance will impact your future studies and career. Tell the donor how proud and honored you are.
  5. Closing Remarks: Tell the donor about your future plans after receiving this scholarship and how this aid may benefit future students.
  6. Thank you again after final remarks, and remind them to keep their generosity open for future students as well.
  7. At the end, please send ward regards with your signature and date.
  8. Don’t forget to proofread the letter. Check for grammar and spelling errors. Don’t leave a negative impression on a donor.

Scholarship Thank You Letter Format

July 06, 2021


Bata Scholarship Foundation

PO Box 113


Subject: Scholarship Acknowledgement Letter

Dear Bata Scholarship Foundation Committee: 

It is my pleasure to write to thank you for choosing me to receive the Bata Scholarship this year. 

The honor you have bestowed upon me cannot be adequately expressed. This year I will devote more time and attention to my studies without needing to take out another student loan. As I plan to pursue a career in medical science, this financial support is an investment in my future. 

Thank you again for your time and all your work! 


Your Name


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