List of January Scholarships 2022 | Fully Funded

Take a deep breath, because there is a list of January Scholarships, deadlines for 2022. Below are the Scholarships with January application deadlines. Most of these opportunities close soon. Don’t delay. The Scholarships and other Programs are all fully funded and available for Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degrees in foreign countries. There is no application fee and all expenses are covered. Don’t waste your time and apply.


Opportunities are available without IELTS in most cases. Another door will open when one closes. Many doors are open right now. Taking advantage of the right opportunities is important. Give your full attention to one program only. You can apply to these programs regardless of your citizenship. Any international student can apply regardless of their nationality.

The opportunities are available in different parts of the world this time around. Tuition, visas, airfare, health insurance, housing, stipend, course books. These Scholarship Programs will cover everything. Let’s get started. Open your eyes and carefully examine the January Scholarships, Deadline List 2022.

List Of January Scholarships 2022 Fully Funded

 Gates Cambridge Scholarship UK 2022

For the academic year 2022-2023, Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2022 is now open. Study Masters and PhD with a scholarship from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Earn a degree from Cambridge University in the UK.

  • Deadline: 6th January 2022
  • For More Information: Visit Here

 Clarendon Scholarship 2022 in UK

For international students interested in pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree, the Clarendon Scholarship offers 150 fully funded UK scholarships. University of Oxford degree. If you apply before the deadline, you will automatically be considered for the Clarendon Scholarship. Separate applications are not required.

 Hungary Government Scholarships 2022

More than 5,000 students from 70 countries. For the academic year 2022-2023, apply for the Hungary Government Scholarships. Students can now apply online for Bachelors, Masters, One Tier Master, Non-Degree, and PhD Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarships. Degree Programs.

 King Fahd Scholarship Program 2022

King Fahd University Scholarships are fully funded scholarships available to study full-time master’s, doctoral, and MBA degree programs. As a world-class prestigious university, King Fahd University is internationally recognized. Online applications do not require IELTS or TOEFL.

 Doha Institute For Graduate Studies Scholarship

Qatar’s Higher Education University is located here. Scholarships are fully funded at the university. You can Scholarships in Qatar Without IELTS. The fully funded master’s scholarship at Qatar University is now open to international students, domestic students, and Qatar students

 Eiffel French Government Scholarship in France

The Eiffel Scholarship program is a fully funded scholarship offered by the Government of France to French students wishing to pursue Master’s, Doctoral or Postdoctoral degrees at French universities. There were 500 Eiffel Scholarships awarded in 2020.

 University of Debrecen Scholarship in Hungary

The University of Debrecen Scholarship in Hungary announced scholarships for the academic year 2022-2023. Hungary’s most prestigious institute is the University of Debrecen. There are Scholarships available to study Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Degree Programs in all academic fields.

 Government of Belgium Scholarships

Belgian Government invites International Students from all over the world to study full-time for their bachelor’s, master’s, and training degrees.

 Government of Qatar Scholarships 

The Qatari government offers fully funded scholarships for Masters, and PhD degree programs at Qatar University. Scholarships are available through the National University of Qatar.

 University of Pecs Hungary Scholarships

For the academic year 2022 intake, apply for the University of Pecs Hungary Scholarships. Students may apply for the scholarship if they are pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree program.


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  1. Hi,my name is Allan from Kenya. I have a diploma in Physiotherapy and over 5 years of work experience.Do I qualify for the scholarship at PECS University? Thank you.

  2. I am Samuel Numor, from Ghana and I am interested in the Government of Qatar Scholarship. I need help in terms of the application procedure

  3. I have masters degree in Geography but I want to proceed for another masters degree in Geographic Information System or Environment Sciences. How do I go from here,?

  4. My name is Nana Owuobi.
    I hold a BSc in Accounting and Finance.
    I want to branch to Health Informatics, with your fully funded scholarship. Please what do I do?


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