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Fully Funded Scholarships For Canada 2021 | Submit Applications Now

Scholarships for Canada 2021 are now invited to apply for the Academic Year 2021-2022 for all National and International Candidates.Canada almost Great Ranks in all over the World.If you are Interested to get Scholarships in Canada funded by the Government of Canada.

Don’t Worry! we will Guide you how to get Scholarships in Canada.We have a list of scholarships in Canada for International Students in 2021 Who want to Get their Degree in Bachelors, Masters and PhD Degree Programs.The good advantage to study in Canada os to get World Class Experience from top Universities in Canada.


Forever Education in Canada is very Expensive Compared to the other English Countries like the USA and Australia therefore many Students select this Countries.We have list available scholarships in Canada for International Students.This post will guide you and give all the answers regarding how to study in Canada.The list of Candian Scholarships 2021 is given down.

 List of the Canadian Scholarships 2021 For Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral Programs

The list of Candian Scholarships that are available for International Students and Canadian Nationals is given down.

1# Justin Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Canada is also a very Famous Country all around the World, and this is largely influenced by its handsome, and brainy Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

  1. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation
  2. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships and Scholarships
  3. Canada Graduate Scholarships for Master’s Program

2# Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships at UBC

The University of British Columbia, Canada announced a Graduate Global Leadership Scholarship for International Students.

3# Master’s Degree and Doctoral Program Awards by the University of Waterloo for International Students

This One is a Best Funding Opportunities for International Students. The  Master’s Degree and Doctoral Program are availble for International at the University of Waterloo.

4# Vanier Canada Scholarship for Graduate Students

The Canadian Government has also announced the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) has been funded by the government of Canada.

5# Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship GS) Scheme is a Provincial Government-Run Scheme for the Candidates who have Excelled at the Master’s and Doctoral Level program.

6# Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Ontario Trillium Scholarship is intended for Excellent students from all across the world to Get PhD programs in Ontario.

7# Albert Canadian Scholarship

This Albert Canadian scholarship is Announced by a Canadian NGO and the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students are Chosen for this award on a yearly basis of yearly.

8# Scholarships at Queen’s University

Queen’s University, which is located in Ontario, announced several Queen’s University scholarships for international students.

 Other Canadian Scholarships that are worth checking out: 

List of 13 Scholarships in Canada at Different Canadian Universities :

  1. University of Alberta Scholarship
  2. University of Waterloo Scholarship
  3. University of Ottawa Scholarship
  4. McGill University (addition scholarship 1addition scholarship 2)
  5. McMaster University ( additional scholarship 1)
  6. Queen’s University Scholarship
  7.  Saskatchewan University Scholarship
  8. University of British Columbia Scholarship
  9. Dalhousie University (additional scholarship)
  10. University of Toronto (additional scholarships)
  11. University of Calgary Scholarship
  12. University of Western Ontario (additional scholarships )


List of Canadian Universities Without IELTS

The list of Colleges and Universities in Canada without IELTS is given down:

Universities without IELTSAlternatives to the English Language Proficiency Test
 Saskatchewan University12 months of Degree Program where instruction and exams were in English
Two Year Diploma in Canada previous to the program
Three-year Diploma in case of outside Canada
Brock UniversityBrock’s Intensive English Language Program
Language School Pathways
 University of CarletonAuthentic Transcripts for the last three years of high school, college and University, where education was primarily in the English Language
  University of WinnipegEnglish Language Course at the University of Winnipeg
 Regina UniversityCompleted Post-Higher Education in English as a primary language.



Memorial UniversityIntensive English Program at Memorial University’s St. John’s Campus or Grenfell Campus
 University of ConcordiaAcademic English course at Concordia University Language Institute, for Graduate enterprise students.


(case-by-case basis, not true for everyone)

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