Study in Czech Republic without IELTS 2021-2022

Studying abroad in the Czech Republic requires proof of language proficiency. Intensive English Language programs are available at some universities if you are unable to provide proof. To reach the level of proficiency required for the course, you can enrol before the actual program begins.

Therefore, Indian students and other international students can study in Czech Republic without 2021-2022 having to take IELTS. You can also ask the officers of the university whether you can apply if your previous education was in English. You can also take the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or a placement test for the language offered by the university. 

Study in Czech republic in English

Students from other countries are attracted to the Czech Republic because of its welcoming culture. 45 universities in the country offer more than 100 courses in English. Here are a few English courses offered in the Czech Republic.

  1. Study Dentistry in the Czech republic in English
  2. Study economics in the Czech republic in English
  3. Study Law in Czech republic in English
  4. Study nursing in the Czech republic in English
  5. Study engineering in the Czech republic in English 
  6. Study management in the Czech republic in English

The country has a large number of English speakers, which makes it easier for international students to come here.

Student Life in the Czech Republic

In Czech Republic, there is a very large international student community, and there is a great deal of cultural diversity. Foreigners are very welcome in this country. Heritage sites in the Czech Republic demonstrate the country’s historical significance in Europe.


There are four national parks in the Czech Republic, spanning over a thousand square kilometres and showcasing the country’s natural beauty. Skiing, water sports, hiking, and climbing are some of the activities students can indulge in in their free time, in addition to studying and sightseeing.

Study in Czech republic scholarships 2021-2022

Studying in the Czech Republic is cheaper than in other European countries. Many international students cannot afford it. Foreign students who wish to study at a Czech university have several options for obtaining financial aid. They can take the form of 

  • University scholarships, 
  • Government Scholarships,
  • Scholarships offered under bilateral or multilateral international agreements. 
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Students can either apply for scholarships based on their academic record or on their financial need to study in the Czech Republic. 

Czech Republic Student Visa

Study visas for the Czech Republic can be chosen based on the duration of your studies. International students can apply for short-term visas that last up to 90 days and long-term visas that last for more than 90 days. The following documents are required to apply for a student visa in Czech Republic:

  • Completed student visa application form
  • Proof of admission to a Czech university
  • Passport in good standing
  • Scoresheets for entrance exams.
  • Evidence of financial resources for studying and living in the Czech Republic. Statements from a bank or information about scholarships, for instance
  • Accommodation confirmation
  • A valid international health insurance policy
  • A copy of a criminal record

Czech student visas take 60 days to process, so students are advised to apply for them in advance. Studying in the Czech Republic for more than a year also requires a residence permit.

 Study and Work

Students from abroad can work part-time while attending a University for higher education in the Czech Republic. As of the first year of study, students have the right to work 20 hours per week. During the summer holidays, students are also allowed to work full time.


In the Czech Republic, many students work during their studies. Part-time jobs are only for supporting your day-to-day expenses, but should not affect your studies in any way. Your everyday living expenses as well as tuition fees in Czech Republic can be covered by these jobs.

Stay in Czech republic after study

You can stay in the Czech Republic after completing the study program. If you wish to stay in the Czech Republic after studying, you can choose any of the following options:

  • After earning a Bachelor’s degree, you can pursue higher education at the next level, such as a Masters degree.
  • In the Czech Republic, you can apply for long-term residency for 9 months and find work or start a business.

Graduates of Czech universities are eligible to apply for a work permit. Students from outside the EU are however advised to find a permanent job in the Czech Republic before completing their study program. Applicants must demonstrate that they have secured employment that is best suited to their qualifications.

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