Study in Indonesia For Free 2023-Step by Step Guide

Indonesia is an island country in Oceania and Southeast Asia. The island is known for its temples and beaches. It is not just a popular tourist attraction, but also a place for higher education. Four types of higher education institutions exist in the country: institutes, polytechnics, academies, and universities. The majority of the facilities were built in the last few decades, as the country experienced a major educational boom. Every year, the country sees more and more international freshmen, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue. We will examine how international students can study in Indonesia for free in this article. Let’s get started.

How to Study in Indonesia for Free

1. Prepare the Application with Care

You must consider certain factors before graduating from an Indonesian university. First, there is the application. It must be clear, well-written, well-organised, reread multiple times, and showcase your best qualities as a student.

It will be up to the academic staff to make their judgement based on the application you will provide them with before they ever have the chance to meet you in person. Make sure your submission stands out: improve your GPA, attach any awards you have, write a stellar cover letter if it is required by the institution. For you to be able to study in Indonesia for free, you will need a great application, so definitely work hard on it.

2. Get the Paperwork Ready Early

As the application process involves many steps, you may want to get your paperwork prepared in advance. Generally, it is easier to prepare a worthy application if you start working on it a few months or even years before submitting it. Before you enter high school, choose the program that interests you. By doing this, you can research all the major requirements and adjust your scores to precisely match the preconditions. If there are any additional stipulations for receiving a Student visa in the Republic of Indonesia, you need to inquire well in advance.

3. Find universities in Indonesia with lower tuition fees

Studying at an affordable university in Indonesia can be a step in the right direction towards achieving your goal of studying for free in Indonesia. In Indonesia, undergraduate programs typically cost between $2,000 and $4,000. International students are often required to pay an application fee.

Tuition fees for the University of Indonesia can be found on their website, which is a decent approximation of the cost of higher education in Indonesia. As there are many factors involved in the calculation, you may need to research the institutions and calculate the charges yourself. If you are interested, let me know. 

  1. Receive Help from the Government

You may be eligible for monetary aid from your government if you are coming from a European Union member state, the US or pretty much any other developed country. In order to obtain information on the subject, you can either visit the Ministry of Education directly or visit its website to access information on the subject of supporting the citizens who plan to study abroad. Today, most governments will be able to provide monetary assistance to varying degrees.

5. Make sure to apply for scholarships at Indonesian universities

In Indonesia, university education is very expensive. Despite this, you should not give up on your dream to study in the country. It is possible to receive funding either from the university of choice or from an external source. Additional information on the subject is available here. The consensus is that both universities and government-run programs offer a variety of options for international students to receive the financial assistance they need.

Scholarships from Indonesian universities are a great way to study for free in Indonesia. Take your time, research different scholarships, and apply accordingly.

6. Apply for an External Funding

International scholarships may be considered as an additional source of funding. Many institutions, such as the Rotary Foundation and the Japanese World Bank, Students pursuing graduate studies can take advantage of these services for financial support. In addition, there are a number of scholarships and organizations that can be considered as a viable option to acquire monetary assistance if all other options have been exhausted.

7. You can apply to universities in Indonesia by submitting your application

Most of the time, the submission process is straightforward, and there is enough information provided by the government of Indonesia or its educational institutions online. You have the responsibility of following all the deadlines to the letter. Communication may also be an important factor in the process.

Keep in touch with the institution of your choice at all times. If there has been an unexpected delay in correspondence, check your email and contact the university. You can also start looking for a job, accommodation, etc. at this point.

8. Lower the Costs of Living

In the Republic of Indonesia, the cost of living is around $700-1,000 per month (see more). Your lifestyle, as well as your living conditions, play an important role. In order to lower your expenses, it is advised that you prepare your budget well in advance, preferably before your arrival, and avoid spending money on unnecessary services and items. When planning a trip to the country, you should allow for a higher level of expense. Alternatively, if you have to maintain a strict budget, you should not have too much trouble living on $400-500 per month.

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