The 20 Best Schools in the World 2023

For a hassle-free education, students look out for the best schools in the world. As there are over 1000+ schools in the world, finding the best is no easy task.

The schools provide students with world-class education, research, and leadership development. Over 23,000 universities around the world offer study programs, according to statistics.

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Studying at the Best Schools in the World Has Many Benefits

A study at any of the world’s best schools has so many advantages. It’s a source of pride, a career boost, and a development booster. The following are some of the reasons:

  • A student’s overall well-being is shaped in a positive way by state-of-the-art educational and recreational facilities at the best schools.
  • Being a student at one of the best schools in the world affords you the privilege of getting to know people from around the globe and interacting with them.
  • The world’s most brilliant minds attended some of the best schools and now host seminars where students can interact with them and learn from them.
  • The best schools in the world allow you to grow and develop educationally, personally, and professionally.
  • A career and making an impact on the world are the most important reasons to pursue education. You will graduate with a certificate that is respected worldwide if you attend one of the best schools in the world.

The criteria for rating a school as the world’s best

Each year, the best schools in the world are ranked based on different criteria, in order to make it easier for prospective students to make an informed decision. The following are some of these criteria:

  • Best and most qualified students’ retention and graduation rates.
  • Performance of the graduation rate
  • School’s financial resources
  • Excellence in student learning
  • Mobility and social awareness
  • Giving back to the school by alumni.

Top 20 Schools in the World

Harvard University

  • Tuition fee: $54, 002
  • Acceptance: 5%
  • Graduation rate: 97%

As the oldest university in the United States, Harvard University was founded in 1636. Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to its Medical School, while Boston is home to its Medical students.

Known for its top-notch education and highly accomplished faculty, Harvard University offers a world-class education.

Furthermore, the school consistently ranks among the world’s top schools. As a result, Harvard University attracts a lot of students.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Tuition fee: 53, 818
  • Acceptance rate: 7%
  • Graduation rate: 94%

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA is home to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT.

With its stellar reputation for maintaining and developing modernized technology and science, MIT is one of the best research-based schools in the world. Numerous research centers and laboratories are also located at the school.

Additionally, MIT has five schools: Architecture & Planning, Engineering, Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Management Sciences, and Science.


Stanford University

  • Tuition fee: $56, 169
  • Acceptance rate: 4%
  • Graduation rate: 94%

In 1885, Stanford University was founded in California.

Among the best and most accredited schools in the world for engineering and other science-related courses, it is one of the best.

In addition to helping students build worthwhile careers, the school prepares students with the skills they need to succeed in their various fields.

Stanford has established itself as one of the world’s leading universities, consistently ranking among the top universities in the world.

It is known for its excellent academics, high return on investment, and entrepreneurial student body.


University of California-Berkeley

  • Tuition: $14, 226(state), $43,980(Foreigners)
  • Acceptance rate: 17%
  • Graduation rate: 92%

There is no doubt that the University of California-Berkeley is one of the world’s most prestigious and best schools. Berkeley, California, USA, was founded in 1868.

It is one of the oldest schools in the country.

The University of California, however, offers 350-degree programs in majors such as Electrical engineering, Political science, Computer science, Psychology, and Business administration.

UC is known for its research and discovery-based work, as Berkeley researchers discovered many of the periodic elements in science. It is consistently ranked as one of the best schools in the world.

University of Oxford

  • Tuition fee- $15, 330(state), $34, 727(foreign)
  • Acceptance rate-17.5%
  • Graduation rate- 99.5%

The University of Oxford is among the oldest and most prestigious universities in all English-speaking countries.

In 1096, it was founded on the northwest side of London, United Kingdom.

Research and teaching at Oxford University are among the best in the world. Oxford University also produces some of the world’s most sought-after graduates.

There are 38 colleges and 6 permanent halls at Oxford University. As part of their research, they also teach and conduct studies. Although it’s been around for so long, it’s still ranked highly as one of the best schools in the world. 

Columbia University

  • Tuition fee- $64, 380
  • Acceptance rate- 5%
  • Graduation rate- 95%

In 1754, Columbia University was founded as King’s College in New York City, USA.

As a university, there are three schools: Numerous graduate and professional schools, The School of Engineering and Applied Science, and The School of General Studies.

Columbia University attracts international bodies to support its research and teaching systems as one of the world’s largest research centers. There is no doubt that Columbia University is one of the best schools in the world.

With four presidents graduating from CU, the school is also known for the quality of graduates and high achievers it produces.

California Institute of Technology

  • Tuition fee- $56, 862
  • Acceptance rate- 6%
  • Graduation rate- 92%

Founded in 1891, California Institute of Technology is a renowned science and engineering school. In 1920, it was known as Throop University.

In addition to integrating research, science, and engineering courses, the school aims to expand human knowledge.

On campus and worldwide, Caltech has many high-quality facilities and a well-known research output. Among them are the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the International Observatory Network, and the Caltech Seismological Laboratory.

University of Washington

  • Tuition fee- $12, 092(state), $39, 461(foreign)
  • Acceptance rate- 53%
  • Graduation rate- 84%

Founded in 1861 in Seattle, Washington, US, the University of Washington is one of the best public research schools in the world.

It offers more than 370 graduate programs in English, which is the school’s official language. As a global citizen and renowned learner, UW focuses on advancing and educating students.

Furthermore, the University of Washington is consistently ranked among the top public schools in the world. With outstanding degree programs and well-equipped medical and research centers, it is known for its excellence.


University of Cambridge

  • Tuition fee- $16, 226
  • Acceptance rate- 21%
  • Graduation
  • rate- 98.8%.

As one of the world’s top schools, the University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. Located in the United Kingdom, it is a top research and public school

Research at the University of Cambridge and excellent teaching have earned it an outstanding reputation. Because of the outstanding teaching offered at Cambridge University, graduates are highly sought after.

The University of Cambridge, however, is also one of the oldest schools that grew out of Oxford University. There are different schools within the University, including the Arts and Humanities, the Biological Sciences, Clinical studies, Medicine, Humanities and Social, Physical sciences,  and Technology.

John Hopkins University

  • Tuition fee- $57, 010
  • Acceptance rate- 10%
  • Graduation rate- 93%

Its main campus for undergraduates is located in North Baltimore, USA, and it is a private-owned institute.

The John Hopkins University is well known for its medical research and innovation. In addition to being the first school of public health in America, JHU is consistently ranked among the best academic institutions in the world.

The school offers accommodation to undergraduate students for two years, but not to graduates. About 9 divisions offer courses such as Arts and Sciences, Public Health, Music, Nursing, and Medicine.

Princeton University

  • Tuition fee- 59, 980
  • Acceptance rate- 6%
  • Graduation rate- 97%

College of New Jersey was Princeton University’s previous name in 1746. Princeton is located in New York City, in the town of Princeton.

Among the world’s best schools, Princetown is an Ivy League research university.

Princeton University offers students the opportunity to make meaningful research studies, achieve their goals, build strong relationships, be recognized for their work, and enjoy their unique potential.

Due to its world-class teaching and student experience, Princeton is also ranked among the best schools in the world.



Yale University

  • Tuition fee- $57, 700
  • Acceptance rate- 6%
  • Graduation rate- 97%

In 1701, Yale University was founded in New Haven, Connecticut, making it one of the oldest universities in the country.

Yale University is known for its innovative research and liberal arts programs, as well as the fact that it maintains a median cost acceptance rate among the Ivy Leagues.

Furthermore, Yale has a distinguished reputation for having notable alumni, such as five U.S. presidents and 19 U.S. Supreme Court justices.

Yale University has a high ranking among the best universities in the world, offering courses in History, Political Science, and Economics.



University of California- Los Angeles

  • Tuition fee- $13, 226(state), $42, 980(foreign)
  • Acceptance rate- 12%
  • Graduation rate- 91%

One of the most prestigious universities in the world is the University of California-Los Angeles, commonly referred to as UCLA. For undergraduate students, UCLA offers courses in Business, Biology, Economics, and Political Science.

Students can earn important academic credits simply by participating in the Student Research Programs, which play an important role in the school’s academic environment.

Los Angeles is home to one of the world’s leading public research university systems, the University of California.



University of Pennsylvania

  • Tuition fee- $60, 042
  • Acceptance rate- 8%
  • Graduation rate- 96%

Philadelphia, in the West Philadelphia region of the United States, became the home of the University of Pennsylvania in 1740. Students from Asia, Mexico, and Europe make up the majority of the school’s international students.

Furthermore, the University of Pennsylvania is a private Ivy League research university with a liberal arts and sciences focus.

Students at Pennsylvania also receive outstanding research education.



 University of California- San Francisco

  • Tuition fee- $36, 342(state), $48, 587(foreign)
  • Acceptance rate- 4%
  • Graduation rate- 72%

Since 1864, UC San Francisco has been specializing in health sciences. Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine, and Dentistry are the only major professional courses offered.

In addition, it is a public research school ranked among the best in the world. A well-known medical school with a top ranking.

By conducting medical research and teaching healthy life habits, UCSF strives to improve and advance health.



The University of Edinburgh.

  • Tuition fee- $20, 801
  • Acceptance rate- 5%
  • Graduation rate- 92%

With its rich entrepreneurial and disciplinary policies, the University of Edinburgh is undoubtedly one of the best schools in the world.

University of Edinburgh’s school program prepares students for the labor market efficiently with its profound facility.

It is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world.

In addition to its impressive global community, the school enrolls two-thirds of the world’s countries

Nevertheless, the University of Edinburgh is a public research university that offers a standard learning environment while offering highly stimulating learning experiences.



 Tsinghua University

  • Tuition fee- $4, 368
  • Acceptance rate- 20%
  • Graduation rate- 90%

Tsinghua University was founded in 1911 in Beijing, China. The university is fully funded by the Ministry of Education and is a national public research institution.

Tsinghua University is also a member of so many communities like the Double First Class University Plan, C9 League, and so on.

Despite this, there are some graduate degree programs taught in English, such as Chinese politics, global journalism, mechanical engineering, international relations, and global business.



University of Chicago

  • Tuition fee- $50, 000-$60, 000
  • Acceptance rate- 6.5%
  • Graduation rate- 92%

One of the best schools in the world is the University of Chicago. In 1890, it was founded as a private research university in Chicago, Illinois.

There are many noble prizes won by Chicago University, a world-class and renowned university. As an Ivy League school, UC is known for attracting intelligent and talented students.

Additionally, the school has an undergraduate college and five graduate research divisions. With an excellent teaching environment, it offers a broad-based education and research system


Imperial College, London

  • Tuition fee- £24, 180
  • Acceptance rate- 13.5%
  • Graduation rate- 92%

South Kensington is the location of Imperial College, London. Alternatively, it is called the Imperial College of Technology, Science, and Medicine.

Science, engineering, and medicine students at IC are trained to be world-class.

In addition, the school offers 3-year Bachelor’s degrees and 4-year Master’s degrees in Engineering, medicine, and natural sciences.



Peking University

  • Tuition fee- 23,230 yuan
  • Acceptance rate- 2%
  • Graduation rate- 90%

When it was founded in 1898, Peking University was known as the Imperial University of Peking. Beijing, China, is where it is located.

One of the world’s most prestigious and best schools is Peking. By attending the school, students are able to develop intellectually and modernly.

A top public research school fully funded by the ministry of education, the school is also recognized as a modern china stakeholder.


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