Top 10 Scholarships in Switzerland 2021-2022-for International Students

Did you know that Swiss tuition fees are usually lower than those in other European countries? You can enroll in a Swiss University for as little as $1,500 a year. Switzerland is therefore among the top choices for international students looking to study in Europe. Moreover, international students can apply for Swiss scholarships that assist with tuition fees and living costs.Also See:University of Waterloo Scholarships 2022 (Fully Funded)

Swiss Government Scholarships for International Students 

Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students 2021-2022

Government Excellence Scholarships are awarded by the Swiss Confederation every year in an effort to promote excellence. Switzerland exchanges scientists and researchers with over 180 countries. Graduate students (with at least a master’s degree) planning to study in Switzerland for research purposes or to pursue post-doctoral studies may apply for a research scholarship.  The benefits of scholarships include a monthly payment, tuition fee exemption, health insurance, air fare, and housing allowance.

ETH Excellence Scholarships 2021-2022

Both students from the ETH and from other universities can apply for scholarships at ETH Zurich. A number of countries (national and international) are eligible for ETH’s scholarship programs. There are two main programs: the Executive Scholarship Program (ESOP), which covers living costs and tuition, and the Master Scholarship Program (MSP), which offers stipends and assistantships.

  • ETH Zurich
  • Masters Degree
  • Deadline: 15 Dec 2021 (annual)
  • Study in: Switzerland
  • Course starts Fall 2022


University of Lausanne Master’s Grants for Foreign Students 2021

The University of Lausanne in Switzerland is offering a Master’s Grant program for international students who wish to pursue a graduate degree there. The University.  Between 15 September and 15 July, the grant will be CHF 1,600.- per month, for as long as the program’s minimum duration does not exceed one year.

EPFL Excellence Fellowships 2021

The École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) offers a limited number of fellowships to outstanding students. Eligible applicants include those pursuing a master’s degree program at EPFL. Fellowship packages for external applicants include CHF 16,000 per academic year, plus room reservations at a student residence.

  • EPFL
  • Masters Degree
  • Deadline: 15 Dec/15 April (annual)
  • Study in:  Switzerland
  • Next course starts September 2022

Official Scholarship Website:

Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

To ensure that the Institute attracts talented scholars from around the world, regardless of their location or means, the Institute has invested significantly in finanOther institutions do not offer as many scholarship opportunities as the Institute does.CHF 20,000 each.  Financial aid may take the following forms: a A full scholarship of CHF 20,000; a partial scholarship of CHF 10,000.; and a merit The scholarship may be based on academic performance, a paid position as a teaching assistant, or a need-based scholarship. The tuition fee for all cases is CHF 1,000.

University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships

In cooperation with several sponsors, the Faculty of Science of the University of Geneva has developed its Excellence Fellowship Program to support outstanding candidates intending to pursue a Master’s degree in any of its disciplines.  Excellence Fellowships provide grants between CHF 10,000 and CHF 15,000 per year.

  • University of Geneva
  • Masters (MS) Degree
  • Deadline: 15 March 2022 (annual)
  • Study in:  Switzerland
  • The course starts September 2022

Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Scholarships

In addition to the MAS HRD and LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (LLM), Geneva Academy provides partial and full scholarships in its Master of Advanced Studies in Human Rights in Transitional Justice (MAS HRD). It covers tuition for 10 months as well as living expenses while in Geneva. There are partial scholarships that cover a portion of tuition.

  • Geneva Academy
  • Masters Degree
  • Deadline: 28 Jan 2022 (annual)
  • Study in: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Course starts September 2022

IMD MBA Scholarships

Several scholarship programs at IMD are available to students from different countries and backgrounds. CHF 25,000-50,000 is the range of scholarships.

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