Top Christian Scholarships in 2021

Many students’ lives are shaped by their faith and religion. Christian scholarships may be available if you belong to any denomination of Christianity. There are scholarships specifically for students who want to study religion and theology in college. Other scholarships are for students who identify as Christians.

We’ll tell you how to apply for these Christian scholarships and what they will cost you, including their eligibility requirements and deadlines.

Top Christian Scholarships in 2021

$2,500 Christian Connector Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Students interested in attending a Christian college or university must be a current high school freshman, sophomore, or junior.
  • Amount: $2,500
  • Deadline: September 30, 2021

$500 Faith and Tech Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Christian high school and college students who are interested in technology
  • Amount: $500
  • Deadline: October 10, 2021

Annual Protestant Faith Based College Scholarship

  • The program is open to high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors interested in attending a Protestant college or university.
  • Amount: $1,500
  • Deadline: September 30, 2021

Annual Catholic College Scholarship

  • Eligibility: High school students who plan to attend a Catholic university or college.
  • Amount: $1,500
  • Deadline: September 30, 2021

Christian Leadership to Change the World Scholarship

  • Eligibility: Students who add Regent University to their college list and “opt-in” to hear from Regent University
  • Amount: $1,000
  • Deadline: September 30, 2021

Darryl Davis “Follow Your Heart” Scholarship

  • Undergraduate students in any field of study are eligible. A passion for singing, a history of giving back to your community, and church involvement are pluses
  • Amount: $500
  • Deadline: September 11, 2021

Samuel Robinson Award

  • Eligibility: Presbyterians in college who are members of the Presbyterian Church and attend colleges affiliated with the Presbyterian Church
  • Amount: $2,000 to $7,500
  • The deadlines are June 1, September 1, and December 1.


Christian scholarship frequently asked questions

The following are some frequently asked questions about Christian scholarships:

Can churches give scholarships?

Scholarships are given by churches to students, and they do! There may even be scholarships available to parishioners of your local church. Because there is generally less competition for these awards, local church scholarships are great for students. As a result, they are a great source of scholarships for students.

We recommend that Christian students check with their local parish to see if any scholarship opportunities are available in addition to the above scholarships.

Scholarships for Christian students are available at colleges?

The answer is Top Christian colleges include Boston College, BYU, Fordham University, Liberty University, Notre Dame, and Wheaton College!ollege! All of Students at these colleges are offered need-based financial aid and merit scholarships.

You will need to submit a FAFSA and the CSS Profile if you are applying for need-based financial aid.

Summary of top Christian scholarships

Upcoming Christian scholarships

$1,000 Faith, Hope, & Nursing Scholarship

  • Eligibility: First-generation college students and minorities underrepresented in New York
  • Amount: $1,000

United Methodist GBHEM Scholarships

  • Students who are members of the United Methodist Church are eligible
  • Amount: Varies
  • Opens: December 15, 2021

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